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January 23, 2006

Hi all!

Ok so I’m not new to blogging, no sir. Actually… this is like my fourth attempt at doing the blogging thing. Did my previous attempts fail? Well no… not really. I just couldn’t get myself to write the things I am utterly passionate about.

Let me start by giving you a very short pitch to what Waseem Sadiq is all about.

I am a 23 years old guy living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I have a very deep passion for technology. I work as a senior software developer for a Microsoft Gold Certified partner (these guys) doing some crazy things on the software development front.

So I work as a software developer… so I must have a really big passion on developing sotware on the .NET platform right? Correct I say, I actually have a weblog devoted to exactly this on this wonderful site.

But that’s not the thing I described as being that which I am utterly passionate about. Of the 100-300 blog postings I read daily there is just a small number devoted to software development. It’s what I call the higher purpose that software serves. It’s the same higher purpose that harware serves. As it is the same higher purpose that companies like Microsoft, IBM, Dell, and even my employer Macaw serve.

That purpose, my friends, is the technology that controls our lives wether we know it or not, like it or not, appreciate it or not.

I hope you will like my take on the same old thing with a twist, in the end we are all just students of life… :-)

All the best,

– Waseem


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